The Building and Site

        A 24 unit cohousing development in two buildings located at the corner of Speedvale Ave. and Delhi Street in Guelph                          Ontario. Units will be 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments varying in size from 50 m2 (537 ft2) to 114 m2 (1220 ft2). 

This will be a diverse, multi-generational community offering barrier free accessibility to the building and in several units. The development is close to Guelph’s vibrant downtown, grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, churches, parks and trail systems.

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What is cohousing?

A 'village' of individual households residing in private homes but sharing common space and amenities.

Amenities typically include a community kitchen and dining area, meeting rooms and recreation areas. Other amenities that might be found in a cohousing development include workshops, studios, work-live spaces, fitness facilities, playgrounds, a solar roof, gardens or even a chicken coup—it depends on community wishes. Read more..

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Benefits of cohousing

Cohousing communities are controlled by residents who manage the development democratically.

A cohousing development is designed and organized to promote a sense of community that can be hard to find in conventional suburbs or apartment buildings. Affordability is enhanced by the sharing of amenities and well being is promoted by the community cohesion. Read more..

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The building and landscape are designed to be healthy and sustainable. Construction will use green design standards to reduce energy and maintenance costs, and increase durability. Design options such as zero VOC materials will make this a healthy building.  

Landscaping features a heavily treed backyard with native plant gardens and spaces for kids and adults to play and relax. Read more..

Many thanks to David McCauley for graciously letting us crib material from his website,; and to Julianna Van Adrichem for assistance with the preliminary site design. 
Last updated on 6 September, 2023


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